• Affordable Child care! It’s a supply-chain problem!

    Without affordable, accessible child care, parents can’t work. If parents can work, shelves don’t get stocked, goods don’t get delivered, manufacturing slows.President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda offers an investment of $400 billion for childcare as well as an investment in universal pre-K.

  • Restore our Energy Efficiency funding!

    A broad coalition formally requested on Friday that the Public Utilities Commission reconsider its recent decision to cut funding for state energy efficiency programs over the next two years and that the decision — which they said would cause irreparable harm — be suspended in the meantime. All of the state’s electric and gas utilities, as well as clean energy and environmental advocates and the state’s largest community action agency, made the request together in a joint filing.

  • Make a Difference in Your Town

    The North Country/Lakes Region conference this weekend was a wonderful kickoff to 2022. It helped us focus on us. Now we need to take the next step. Please consider signing up for one of the programs this Thursday. Unfortunately they are on the same evening.  Read on!