Learn more about messaging!

Words That W!N teaches the basics of strategic messaging to help progressives get their ideas through to voters. Sign up for the next training webinarWednesday, June 15@7 pm.  The webinar is an introduction to the basics of strategic messaging, using cutting-edge, progressive messaging frameworks. Get the tools you need to counter dog-whistle politics and disinformation, and learn how to advocate for what we want and need for a better tomorrow.

The Radical Right Accountability Project (RRAPNH)

A NH-wide movement to hold the Radical Right Accountable

The Radical Right Accountability Project (RRAPNH), has started posting its weekly message on the Granite State Progress social media accounts. Check out their FB page! and/or Their Twitter account! The posts are designed to educate voters on who specifically these bad actors are in New Hampshire politics.

For the message to be effective it needs to spread!  The plan is pretty simple. Every Wednesday, check out the RRAPNH post on the Granite State Progress social media accounts and share out. We are asking you to share the posts on any pages you manage as well as on your personal profile. If our message doesn’t spread, it doesn’t work. Use these RRAP tools to educate your circle of friends and neighbors.

Join us today in holding the radical-right accountable. Follow the Granite State Progress FB page and/or Twitter Account and share out the posts on Wednesdays! Thank you.