• Dr. Tom Sherman on Legalizing Cannabis

    Dr. Tom Sherman answers WMUR Adam Sexton’s and FB questions on how he plans to legalize cannabis. “If marijuana were legal and regulated like it is in all surrounding states, we could prevent it from being laced with dangerous and addictive drugs.” Dr. Tom Sherman, June 2022

  • Dr. Sherman on Choice and The Economy.

    Listen to our gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Tom Sherman, explain how the freedom to choose, a woman’s right to choose how and when to have a family, is essential to our women, to our families and to our economy. Choice is an economic issue.

  • NHDP 2022 Constitutional Amendment Questions Guidance

    OVERVIEW:  There are two questions relating to constitutional amendments on the ballot this year. One was voted on by the legislature, the other is scheduled to appear every 10 years. QUESTION 1: This ballot question was created by the legislature via CACR 21. This question is regarding removing the register of probate as an elected position. In 2011, the legislature moved the duties of the registers of probate to the court system, leaving the position as a largely ceremonial post with no responsibilities. If this amendment passes, the position will no longer appear on the ballot and the position will cease to exist. If the question fails, they will still…