Conversation Canvassing NH

REGISTRATION for TEAM* booking only 


*a team is any group that is invited by a team leader to do the video training and participate in the final workshop. If your town, county, or activist group wants to do the Conversation Canvassing training, you can create your own group. Everyone in that group must register with the registration form and indicate the team leader at the bottom of the form. The timeline for watching the videos runs from when you decide to start to the date your team leader books the workshop.  We recommend at least a week, though it is possible to “binge watch” in a few days.  The team leader coordinates with her/his team and books the final workshop with the Conversation Canvassing trainers. We are planning the final workshops in early May.

The training is not restricted to Grafton County.

We invite teams to sign up for our second round of Conversation Canvassing training. Please register here and include your team leader at the bottom of the form. Thank you for your interest.

Please contact if you have any questions about the training and workshop.

Watch the Overview video to learn more about the project. 
Scroll down for more program information.



  • The training is in two parts:
    • Participants watch 10 training videos in groups or on their own (2.5 hours)
    • The team leader books a date for the final 90-minute workshop

How it works:

When you register, you’ll get an email message with a link to the Conversation Canvassing website.  That’s where you’ll find videos and all the other resources you’ll need to start learning.  

Watch videos:  10 videos over 2.5 hours 

Watch on your own or with a group.  Your team leader will schedule a workshop. You must have watched the videos before the workshop.

Participate in Workshop: a date chosen by your team leader

The workshop will be a Zoom meeting, led by Voter Outreach Committee (VOC) members. It will last 90 minutes.  We are planning the phase two workshops in early May.


Your Conversation Canvassing group will set up its own schedule for canvassing and reflection meetings.  VOC members will continue to consult and help.