CCNH Resumes Virtual Workshops Statewide

February 13 @ 7 p.m

Welcome back to Conversation Canvassing NH 2024

To learn more about our Deep “Conversation Canvassing” Virtual program in New Hampshire, you can register at

We invite you all to browse the website, watch our videos and then sign up for the one-hour Zoom workshop. 

Our next CCNH workshop dates are below. You can register for a workshop on the website at the bottom of the video page. You are welcome to consult your team, town or county leader about choosing a date, but you are also welcome to join a workshop on your own if that’s more convenient for you. 
Tuesday, Feb. 13 @ 7 p.m. 
Wednesday, Feb. 28 @ 7 p.m.

Wednesday, March 13 @ 7 p.m
Monday, March 25 @ 7 p.m.

It’s official!

Joe Biden won the New Hampshire 2024 FITN Primary without even being on the ballot. The numbers are still shifting, but according to WMUR, Biden won 63.61% of the Democratic votes, while over in GOP land, Trump only got 54.25%. President Joe Biden obtained more votes than any incumbent Democratic president in New Hampshire history. Below is President Biden’s thank-you tweet and some of the national headlines following the primary.

It’s a clear statement that Granite Staters are ready to defend democracy and fight for our freedoms! Thanks to each and every one of you who were part of this grassroots movement. Democratic engagement and momentum are building. Let’s keep it going.

How? Reach out to your regional chairs and offer your time and expertise. Help us find a candidate for every seat in every district. Get behind your legislators. Advocate for their bills on student rights, women’s rights, trans rights, voting rights, all of our rights!  Drown out the GOP disinformation; challenge it with Letters to the Editor, social media posts, canvassing and speaking out.

Let’s all step up our level of activism and change our State’s leadership in 2024.