• Every conversation can make a difference!

    Our last words before the election were,  “Every conversation can make a difference,” and it did! Thank you to all.  We are so very proud of the races all our candidates ran — and some in very challenging gerrymandered districts. We had some exciting wins and some tough losses. But the bottom line is that Democracy won and in no small part to our candidates. We owe you all a debt of gratitude. Thank you. We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize all the behind-the-scenes candidate support. This started over a year ago with the fundraising team and the conversation canvassing team, and ended in the final weeks with a huge mobilization of messaging teams…

  • What to do with your signs!

    We are still gathering signs. Candidate signs should be returned to the candidate if possible. The Grafton County Dem blue messaging signs will be collected by the regions and stored. Please check with your regional chairs for the storage location. Again a big thank you to all the teams involved in distributing and planting the signs. It was a herculean effort but had a cohesive impact on our county identity as Grafton County Dems.

  • NH Election Results 

    These are final results from Grafton races from November 8. That is an 18-8 Majority on the County Delegation, a 2/3rd Majority of Commissioners, and a complete sweep of county offices. Even though we did have great candidates who did not make it, we have no doubt they’ll be contributing to even bigger majorities in years to come.US Senate: Hassan – Won. Congress: Kuster – Won, Governor: Sherman – Lost, Executive Council 1: Hilliard – Lost, Executive Council 2: Warmington – Won, State Senate 1: Tucker – Lost, State Senate 4: Miller – Lost. State Senate 5: Prentiss – Won, State Senate 7: Lobban – Lost,State Senate 3: Marsh –…

  • Dr. Tom Sherman on Legalizing Cannabis

    Dr. Tom Sherman answers WMUR Adam Sexton’s and FB questions on how he plans to legalize cannabis. “If marijuana were legal and regulated like it is in all surrounding states, we could prevent it from being laced with dangerous and addictive drugs.” Dr. Tom Sherman, June 2022