Executive Council

The Executive Council is a unique, five-member body in New Hampshire’s state executive branch that serves as a check on the governor’s power. The Council must approve all nominees to state courts, including the state Supreme Court; it must confirm appointments to state agencies like the Department of Education; and it must approve all state contracts over $10,000. It also leads the development of the state’s 10-year transportation plan. The Council meets twice a month, year-round.

Thanks to 2021 redistricting, Grafton County now has two Executive Council Districts.

Cinde Warmington (D) is the Executive Councilor for District 2.

Republicans currently have a 4-1 majority on the Executive Council, and in the past few years, the five- member New Hampshire Executive Council has:

  • Rejected $34.7M in federal funds for COVID-19 vaccines;
  • Defunded Planned Parenthood and other family planning providers four times;
  • Confirmed Gordon MacDonald to serve as Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court;
  • Confirmed Frank Edelblut to serve as Commissioner for the Department of Education;
  • Approved the funds to implement the voucher “Education Freedom Accounts” and the program’s subsequent millions of dollars in excessive spending;
  • Approved the contract with Prenda, Inc. to set up “Learning Pods” and “Microschools” as a means to siphon millions away from public schools to private & religious schools.