The Republican outrage rings more than a little false. Why are they trying to convince Democrats to either not participate in the primary, or, if we do participate, to vote for a candidate we do not support? With everything happening on the GOP side of the ledger, why do they care so much about what is happening on the Democratic side?

They claim that the President is not a strong candidate, so why do they protest so much?

If “protecting the primary” was the real motivation for Republicans, they would be congratulating Democrats for showing that a write-in campaign that started with little money, leftover signs, old Biden t-shirts and a lot of dedication can beat back efforts to undermine our primary.

If this were about protecting the primary, Republicans would be thanking Democrats for putting both sides of the primary ballot back in the news in a positive way, instead of capitulating to a sad story about how national Democrats have pulled out of the Granite State. They would be saying how clever the state’s Democrats are, figuring out a way to attract attention from major Democratic figures like Congressmen Hakeem Jeffries and Ro Khanna and Senator Cory Booker.

Instead, Republicans are trying to use the primary as a cudgel against Democrats, violating the longstanding unwritten rule that the parties stand together when it comes to the primary.

There are two reasons for this, both of which are about benefitting the Republican Party, not preserving the New Hampshire primary.

First, they hope to weaken Biden. With inflation dissipating, interest rates dropping, the stock market breaking records and employment remaining strong, not to mention the lingering effect of the Supreme Court’s antiabortion Dobbs decision and Trump’s legal troubles, Republicans know their nominee will face a tough opponent in Biden.

They also know that starting in 1968, every incumbent president who faced a serious challenge for the nomination either dropped out (Lyndon Johnson) or lost the nomination (Ford, Carter, GW Bush), leading to a loss by his party in the general election. Republicans hope that history will repeat itself, with New Hampshire serving as a springboard for some unknown challenger, weakening Biden’s reelection effort.

Not going to happen. Second, to the chagrin of the GOP, the Biden write-in is giving the state’s Democrats energy and an opportunity for party building they would not have had otherwise. The grassroots committee has established teams to manage campaign matters usually handled by paid staff, such as media, messaging, communication, field organizing, election law compliance, and fundraising. Republicans do not like seeing grass roots Democrats gaining valuable experience that will help Democrats win state elections in November.

Republicans can chirp all they want, but it will fall on deaf ears. New Hampshire Democrats learned a long time ago not to take advice from New Hampshire Republicans. It’s our party, and our vote.” – UNION LEADER

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