Conversation Canvassing, February 3, @ 6 pm

On February 3 at 6:00, we’ll introduce our training in Conversation Canvassing, a new strategy for engaging local voters.  It’s a field-tested method for boosting voter participation, and our Voter Outreach Committee has a full toolkit ready to go for volunteers throughout Grafton County.  Whether you’re an experienced canvasser or just curious, don’t miss this chance to learn how you can get involved. 

Congresswoman Terri Sewell of Alabama will speak about the history of voting rights and the work ahead.  As the person who introduced the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to Congress, Rep. Sewell is a champion in the long struggle to expand democracy in our country. We are deeply honored that she will help us launch our new grassroots effort for increasing voter outreach in Grafton County.

Back to work! It’s up to us!

There are quite a few ways to fight back the destruction of 200+ years of successful public education in our country . . . you could eat a tub of chocolate ice cream, you could scream in the shower, you could cower in a corner . . . or you could run for local school board. Your choice. Long term and short, it is way to combat the egregious damage the Republicans are doing to our precious public school system. In addition to letting the governor know how you feel, please consider exploring one of the two trainings offered below. No regrets.

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