Partnering in Senate District 7

The Grafton and Merrimack County Democratic committees, along with Plymouth Area Dems
and Mascoma Forward, hosted a strategy session on Senate District 7 on Oct 25.
Steve Marchand, founder of the progressive advocacy group Move the Goalposts, provided analysis of the results from the 2022 elections statewide and in the 24-town Senate district, including six towns within Grafton County. Bristol, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Grafton, Hebron and Orange represent about 15% of SD 7 and are historically among the most Republican in the district, but Marchand suggested that there is some statistical evidence that at least some of them may be trending in a Democratic direction. He strongly recommended both a grassroots effort aimed at making personal connections with voters and messaging consonant with that approach.

When asked the question that is on everyone’s mind as to how we reach low-information voters, guest speaker SteveMarchand’s short answer was ‘personal connection’. Citing statistics, Steve said a piece of direct mail can “add half a point to a point for performance per piece.” A personal knock on the door that leads to a personal conversation “can result in an 18-20 point difference.” 

The impact of personal connection is staggering, and speaks to the value of canvassing, because that is where you create that personal connection. Sign up for one of our final two conversation canvassing workshops in November, and join the team.

Following up on Steve’s comments about the importance of fundraising now and not late in the campaign season, David Bates, town chair or Warner, mapped out his strategies to build a fund to support the NH State Senate District 7 Democratic candidate.  You can contribute to the fund here: Senate District Seven Citizens Fund.

View program recording.

Final 2023 CCNH workshops!

How many of us don’t like conventional canvassing? Here is one canvasser who went through our Conversation Canvassing training in 2022- listen to her experience.

Our last three CCNH workshops are:

Tuesday, October 17@ 7pm, Monday, November 6@ 7pm, Tuesday, November 14@7 pm

Registration closes the day before the workshop.

We are suspending workshops through the end of January. However, should your groups wish to arrange a workshop during this time, we can work with you to find a date.

Blue Hampshire Task Force Report

The work of the 2022 Blue Hampshire Task Force is part of an ongoing process of reviewing the results of each election cycle and assessing the factors that contributed to electoral success as well as those that appear to have created challenges to success. The following report is a compilation of the feedback provided by a wide range of stakeholders to the Democratic electoral process and the recommendations as well as action plans from a cross-section of these stakeholders.

Thanks to all Grafton County Dems who participated in the listening sessions and report writing.
If you look at the bottom of page12, in the TRENDS section, I see a shout out to Grafton County Dems for strong local organizing! Go Grafton! 

Stay tuned for next steps. Click here to read the report 

Senate District 7 with Steve Marchand

Wednesday, October 25 
5.30 in person, 6.15 on Zoom

Grafton and Merrimack County Dems, along with Plymouth Area Dems and Mascoma Forward, will host a strategy session on Senate District 7 on Oct 25. The hybrid program will be held at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center, 8 Depot Street, Plymouth, starting at 5:30 pm for those attending in person; the virtual session will be at 6:15 pm on Zoom. Steve Marchand of Move the Goalposts will review analytics from the 2022 campaign and discuss their implications for 2024.
Register here for the Zoom link.