Canvass Without Canvassing!

Workshop, Wednesday, May 30, 7 p.m.

Conversations happen everywhere, not just at someone’s door. How often have you struck up a conversation with someone at the market or in the library or the doctor’s office? How do you start up a conversation about issues? Ask them what they care about and then listen.

Canvassing is about listening, but it takes practice. Join our virtual, hyper-flexible conversation-training program for busy activists; it combines instructional videos (around one and a half hours) and a one-hour interactive workshop. The training videos can be viewed at your own pace or you can host a house party and watch the training videos together. Everyone zooms in for the workshop.

Visit the website,, watch the videos and sign up for our May 30 workshop.

Let’s Talk To Our Neighbors in a Kick-Off Canvass!

Saturday, May 18, 1-5 pm
The Coordinated Campaign is kicking off canvassing and phone banking on Saturday, May 18th across the state!!

Want to talk to persuadable voters about Dems up and down the ballot? We know you can be effective. 

The CC needs your help to knock on doors, to recruit folks in your towns, and now is the time to start. CC can give you packets or phone banks for anywhere in the state. Just let know them know ahead of time, so they can prepare them. 

Contact our local regional director, Roddy Emley at to let him know where you want to knock. 

If you are in the Upper Valley, there is a kick-off party at the Lebanon Field office, 39 Hanover Street in Lebanon, on the Lebanon pedestrian mall. It starts at 1 pm!

Sign up here for the kick-off event!

Master the Power of Deep Conversation Canvassing in one workshop!

Wednesday, May 15, 7 pm.
Get ready for spring and for canvassing kick-off events!!!

Canvass with friends, learn what’s on your neighbor’s mind, and share what you learn with your candidates.  This election is a team effort and it starts with YOU!

We have designed a virtual and hyper-flexible canvass-training program for busy activists; it combines instructional videos (around one and a half hours) and a one-hour interactive workshop. The training videos can be viewed at your own pace or you can host a house party and watch the training videos together. Everyone zooms in for the workshop.

Visit the website,  watch the videos and register for the workshop on Wednesday, May 15, 7 pm. 

603 Forward  Candidate Workshops This Month 

May 16 and May 23
We are one month away from State House Filing Deadlines (June 5-15). If you are thinking about running for state office this year, it’s decision-making time. AND 603 Forward is hiring CANVASSERS!

Thursday, May 16, 7 pm.
Join 603 Forward on zoom Run for Office 101: State House Edition” to learn more about how you can be a changemaker for your community. If you have any questions about running, schedule a time to chat with Tim or Beck 

Thursday, May 23rd @ 7PM
603 Forward is hosting another Run for Office 201 session on Digital Strategy with ActBlue.

Alert! Tuesday April 23, NH Education needs you!

Next week, on Tuesday, April 23 at 9:30am, the Senate Education Committee will be holding a public hearing (and possibly voting) on HB 1656, which increases State funding for special education. 

Use our advocacy tool to email the committee with one click and tell them to support this increase to State funding for special education.

HB 1656 increases the State’s total differentiated aid for special education by $17.5 million. It also introduces levels of need to this part of the adequacy formula, so the State will provide more money for students with more intensive needs.