Welcome Back to the Grafton County Dems!

Welcome to our first official email of the
new Grafton County Dems Board.
We are pleased and eager to announce our new board.

Ann Garland, Chair
Josh Adjutant, Vice Chair
Nancy Graham, Treasurer
Sebastien Fuentes, Secretary

Members at large:
Jordan Applewhite
Bill Bolton
Deb Nelson
Deb Reynolds
Martha Rich
Martha Richards

While we are getting our website up and running to post announcements, we have been posting on Facebook.

We now have a Facebook page, 
where we post official Grafton County Dems items. We still have our group page, renamed the ‘Grafton County Discussion Group’, where all the GCD members can post; 

We know you are all receiving emails from your regional committees so we will try not to duplicate that information and will keep these emails only for Grafton County Dem business
and additional items we feel are worth sharing. 

Finally, we feel it very fitting that our first email also announces our participation in the Haverhill Fair which is
THE Grafton County fair from
July 28 through August 1. Please see the announcement below.

Ann and Josh
Haverhill Fair July 28- August 1
Summer is here and it’s time to think about the Haverhill Fair!

The fair this year will be held on Wednesday, July 28th through Sunday, August 1st.

The Haverhill Fair is the only fair that is specific to Grafton County, and is a fun and effective way to spread the word about the good work of our local Democratic Party and our active, engaged regional committees. This will give us a great opportunity to meet with fair-goers, engage with voters, recruit new committee members, and have fun! Through the financial help of our regional Democratic political committees, the Grafton County Democrats have been able to reserve a booth at the Fair which will give us the opportunity to meet with all of the visitors who are finally out of their homes and just looking for their ability to speak with other humans!
In order to make this a success, we are seeking volunteers to help set up our booth, occupy it during the days of the fair, and then take down the booth at the end of the fair. We’ve created an online sign-up sheet that allows you to sign up for two hour shifts. Please sign up at THIS LINK and share this with your regional membership.
Once you volunteer for your shift(s), here are the directions to arrive at the Fair, and the image below shows where to park, pay admission and then arrive at our booth in the Presidents Commercial building. Thanks again to all of us Grafton County Dems in making this project both successful and FUN!:

Thank you for joining us at the fair!

Bill Bolton and Martha Richards
Fair Organizers
Grafton County Democrats