NHDP Rules Changes Processes

Please be advised of the process and deadlines for proposed changes to the NHDP Constitution below. 

According to the NHDP Constitution, Chapter 8 Amending the Constitution:

A. Any registered New Hampshire Democrat may submit amendments to the Constitution in writing to the Rules Committee, at least ninety (90) days prior to the Midterm Convention or the State Convention if a Midterm Convention was not held in the previous odd-numbered year. Any and all amendments must be submitted to the Rules Committee for its recommendation to the Convention. 

To review the NHDP Constitution, please click here

To submit changes to the Rules Committee, please complete the following steps: 

1. Any registered NH Democrat may propose an amendment to the NHDP constitution between now and August 13, 2021. Please send all proposed amendments to rulescommittee@nhdp.org.

2. The Rules Committee will host a meeting to hear from the submission’s authors, if they wish to address the committee. This hearing will be on August 17, 2021, via Zoom. You do not have to present your proposed amendment at this hearing in order for it to be considered. 

3. After August 17, the Rules Committee will review all submissions for consideration. Of the submissions considered, the Rules Committee may recommend proposed change(s) to the delegates of the NHDP State Convention.

4. The Midterm Convention will be held Saturday, November 13, 2021. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the rules with any questions at rulescommittee@nhdp.org

More details to come, including trainings offered, location, timing, etc. for the Midterm Convention from the convention co-chairs.