Special Committee on Redistricting listening session in Grafton County

Grafton County welcomed members of the Special Committee on Redistricting to the County courthouse on Tuesday.  

Thanks to those who held signs out front and to those who offered testimony. It was a tremendous group effort.

Open Democracy,  a non-partisan not-for-profit group,  also brought some of  their new FAIR MAPS. Below is the link to their material. Scroll down to see the comparative maps 2010-2020. 

You can listen here to the testimonies of Grafton County residents; it starts at the first testimony: https://youtu.be/AeC6IKny_Pg?t=858

Then on Thursday, the Redistricting Committee had a committee meeting where they discussed the pros and cons of the ideal number of representatives and the challenges of redistricting when city wards have not yet been finalized. David Andrews of Open Democracy Action presented the method he used to maximize the number of single-town districts as required by the constitution. Here is the InDepthNh article:

ACTON: Email the Special Committee on Redistricting members, and ask the Committee to hold another round of hearings AFTER maps are drawn for the public to react and offer input directly to the committee.
Group email:  
Or list of committee members: