Get Outraged! Then get to work!

Welcome to DISTOPIA, a New Hampshire where everything is upside down, where radical groups encouraged by Republican law makers offer bounties on public school teachers who dare teach whatever the Republican inconsistent and ever changing fever dream of what they think “Critical Race Theory” is this week, ignore the stress that the pandemic has put on working people of New Hampshire and give up all efforts to end it so we can move on; or go back to the 1950s where you can waste energy to a faretheewell with no sense of efficiency or maybe have a hand in saving the planet.

Get outraged and then get to work!

Last week the Special Committee on Redistricting held two hearings on their proposed redistricted maps for all the districts, ignoring testimonies, requests and pleas of district voters, and created the worst congressional district they possibly could, one that puts Nashua and Portsmouth in the same district and makes you drive to Mount Washington to get from one to the other.

On Friday, the Public Utilities Commission denied what would have been the state’s most ambitious triennial energy efficiency plan to date.

If this is not enough, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16 at 10 a.m., the Education Committee is hearing nongermane amendment 2021-2239h to HB 255, which prohibits Covid vaccine mandates.

We cannot stress how important it is to beat the Republicans in 2022, not just so we can put an end to their disintegration of the State of New Hampshire, but also for us to Build Back Better.

Ann and Josh

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