How to Spot Fake News: A Disinformation Check List

Vaccination is a good defense against COVID. Inoculation works similarly and builds your resistance against being infected by disinformation.

Rand Waltzman is an expert at analyzing disinformation and how it’s used to manipulate people. This StoryMap summaries his recent report from #disinformation and explains 18 common tactics along with recent examples.

“Understand and recognize cognitive attacks and attempts to manipulate you. The success of such attacks heavily depends on you NOT understanding and recognizing them.”

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Filibuster Carve Outs

Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) released the following statement after lawmakers voted to raise the debt ceiling after exempting the legislation from the filibuster.

“If Democrats can carve out the filibuster to raise the debt ceiling to avoid economic collapse for millions of American families, then we can do the same thing for voting rights. Our economy was at stake with the debt ceiling, and our democracy is at stake with voting rights. We should abolish the filibuster to provide electoral integrity at the ballot box and take action now to enshrine the will and voices of the American people.”

End sub-minimum wage

For almost a century, it has been completely legal for companies to pay workers with disabilities mere cents on the hour. Employees have reported receiving pennies in their paychecks, with no limit on how little they can be paid.  Build Back Better could help end that.  Now, a little-known provision in the Build Back Better Act being negotiated in Congress could help catalyze the full federal repeal of the sub minimum wage for people with disabilities.  The proposed legislation would incentivize states to move away from the sub minimum wage by providing grant funding to help companies offer those workers jobs alongside the rest of their workforce — paying minimum wage or higher.