• A Reality Check!

    Dear Grafton County Dems This week we are thinking strategy: strategizing how to find candidates to run; strategizing the most effective way to canvass for the local and national candidates on the slate in November; strategizing how to save the planet; strategizing how to save public education, women’s rights to choose; strategizing how to save our state from free staters, a very invasive species of Republicans; strategizing how to proceed for the next decade and more. With good, solid planning we can do it. Read Anita Burroughs’s op-ed to understand how these people have risen to positions of power in our state. Remember in November, without the majority voting for…

  • Calling all Grafton County Activists!

    Friends, While there isn’t a huge legislative update this week, we’ve hit what’s officially called “Cross Over”, which is the point 3/5ths of the way through a legislative session where bills that passed the House or Senate go to the other body for hearings and action. Representative Joshua Adjutant (D – Enfield), Vice Chair, Grafton County Dems. Click to READ MORE

  • Pushing back in Concord

    Friends, If two weeks ago we saw what happened when a Reckless Republican majority is capable of in Concord, then this week we saw what a strong Democratic minority, in tandem with the least reactionary members of the Republican caucus are capable of. It’s truly the difference between doing things *to* the people and not *for*them. Representative Joshua Adjutant (D – Enfield), Vice Chair, Grafton County Dems. To read the rest, click here.