A Reality Check!

Dear Grafton County Dems

This week we are thinking strategy: strategizing how to find candidates to run; strategizing the most effective way to canvass for the local and national candidates on the slate in November; strategizing how to save the planet; strategizing how to save public education, women’s rights to choose; strategizing how to save our state from free staters, a very invasive species of Republicans; strategizing how to proceed for the next decade and more. With good, solid planning we can do it.

Read Anita Burroughs’s op-ed to understand how these people have risen to positions of power in our state. Remember in November, without the majority voting for them, they are NOT THERE. We must educate our voters that blindly voting for people is a formula for disaster, an invitation to destroy all that has been driven by democratic values for two centuries and counting. If this sounds like a call to arms, it is.

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