• The Coup is Happening in New Hampshire!

    “The Coup: It’s Happening and It’s Not Trump.” A MUST READ! This explains the entire process of how the extremists have taken over our state, from 1980 on. Thanks to Jeanne Dietsch and Granite State Matters for the research and Ann Garland for the Infographic. @GrStateMatters#NHPolitics#NewHampshire

  • Alert! The Rules Around Absentee Voting are Reverting to their Pre-COVID Status.

    The Secretary of State David Scanlan has cleared up the confusion surrounding voting absentee in the 2022 elections. “The voting process in 2022 is the same as it was in 2018,” Scanlan said. “It’s as if the COVID pandemic never happened. Scanlan said that absentee ballots were not available for voters who were worried about catching COVID-19 at the polls, unless they have a medical condition that puts them at high risk from the coronavirus.  Read the full article in the August 19 New Hampshire Bulletin

  • A Message from Josh

    If you watched the Vote-O-Rama last weekend for the Inflation Reduction Act, you likely felt both relieved by its passage, and frustrated by the things that weren’t in there. I know I was. While this is an historic and important piece of legislation, it pales in comparison to what it once was. Things like vision and dental coverage for seniors, the Insulin Price Control, Free Community College, and taxes on the wealthy were all, at one point or another, negotiated away. I chose the above examples specifically out of the many good things in this bill that were lost, because they are all things we can do right here in the…

  • Q&A with District 2 Executive Council Candidates

    Many people do not realize that the Executive Council (5 members) votes on all state contracts over $10,000 and on all of the Governor’s appointments. Think judges, the Commissioner of Education….This past session, the Republican majority turned down $27 million in federal dollars (our taxes) to help with vaccinating NH families. They also refused to fund several health clinics despite knowing the clinics do not provide abortion services. The District has recently been gerrymandered, and most of Grafton County will now be in District 2 which is currently the only District represented by a Democrat: Cinde Warmington. On September 13, you have to choose between Mike Cryans, Cinde Warmington, and Brad…