The Haverhill Fair Booth A Great Success! 

The Haverhill Fair Booth A Great Success! Thanks to everyone who volunteered to represent the Grafton County Dems at our fair booth! And thanks to those of you who visited us!

The banned books auction was a resounding success.   People did sign up to win a book, but most people didn’t even bother to sign up; they just wanted to talk. We had some great conversations.  Middle school and high school English teachers all have an opinion, and they are also very concerned, as they should be.  Many NH and VT residents share our concern.
The banned books were:
For young readers…
And Tango Makes Three 
My Shadow is Purple 
Red: A Crayon’s Story 
For the adult books:
The Handmaid’s Tale 
The Catcher in the Rye 
To Kill a Mockingbird 
We started getting the books to their new owners this past weekend. 

Thanks to Karen Liot Hill for the banned books idea, thanks to Sue Ford for organizing it, and to Deb Reynolds for chairing the event with Sue.
Thank you all…we can’t do anything like this without good volunteers!