January 23, 2024: NH Presidential Primary

There is still some confusion over the NH presidential primary. Not the date, that has been settled  January 23, 2024. The confusion lies in why Joe Biden’s name is not on the ballot. 

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) determined that the first-in-the nation primary should be held in a more racially diverse state and used this argument to rearrange the presidential primary calendar, putting South Carolina first. 

The problem is a New Hampshire law states that the NH primary be at least seven days before other similar events. So it comes as no surprise that New Hampshire did not accept the rearranged primary calendar and did not back down.  The January 23 date is the first presidential primary in the nation for 2024. 

President Joe Biden did not file for the NH presidential primary and is not on the ballot. Interestingly enough, according to the Secretary of State Scanlan, there are 21 other Democratic candidates who have filed in the NH Democratic presidential primary,  and 24 Republicans in their primary. But not Joe Biden.1

Anger and apathy over the NH Democratic presidential primary will only help build momentum for the MAGA Republican movement. Concerned for what this means for our democracy in the November 2024 election, a grassroots group of NH citizens and community leaders is spearheading a campaign to write Joe Biden’s name on the presidential primary ballot. They are choosing to put democracy over party politics.  

You can sign up here to join the movement, get updates and help volunteer. 

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