Run for Office to Defeat GOP Radical Agenda

State Rep. John Sellers, State Senator Carrie Gendreau and some of their colleagues have given us another reason why we need to be actively involved in preserving our freedoms and democracy, including considering running for office.

Sellers, who represents the 10 towns in Grafton House District 18 stretching from Enfield to Bristol, and Gendreau, who represents several Northern Grafton County towns and Coös County, introduced a radical new effort to strip away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions by introducing a ban on abortions after just 15 DAYS!

This ban, which would include prison sentences for doctors, would be one of the most extreme in the country. Combined with attacks on the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and on public schools, Sellers and Gendreau continue to pursue a radical agenda to deny freedom to those who disagree with them, which is the vast majority of Granite Staters.

That’s why we need individuals willing to work hard to challenge Sellers and Gendreau, and their extreme allies. Please consider stepping up to run as a candidate, whether it’s for the State Senate or State House or for an office in the county or your town. Grafton County Democrats and the state party stand ready to assist every candidate at every step of the way. If you have any interest, or even just a question, reach out to Thomas Oppel, Grafton County Democrats vice chair and the chair of our Candidate Recruitment Committee.

If you feel you personal circumstances won’t allow you to run for office this year, we still need you to be willing to walk, to knock on doors to help inform your neighbors and then make sure they turn out to vote.

Protecting our freedom, our democracy, cannot be a spectator sport.