It’s crunch time! 

This Tuesday, January 23, is Democratic primary day in New Hampshire!

Don’t let anyone tell Granite Staters that our presidential primary doesn’t matter. This year, because the DNC shuffled the presidential primary calendar, Iowa had a hybrid in-person/mail-in ballot Democratic caucus and those results won’t be announced until Super Tuesday in March. 

This means the first results from a caucus or a primary will be from New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation Democratic primary next Tuesday. All eyes are on us.

Twenty-one Democratic candidates have filed to be on the Democratic presidential primary ballot in New Hampshire. Joe Biden is not one of them; if you want to vote for him you need to write him in. 

No matter which candidate you support, voting in the Democratic primary sends a strong message rejecting the MAGA extremism of the Republican Party. 

Vote for the candidate of your choice but get out and vote. Your voice counts!