NHDP Mid Term Convention

Saturday September 30, 8 am -4 pm

NHDP announced its midterm convention in Bedford on Saturday, September 30 from 8 am to 4 PM. Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro will be the Keynote speaker and we will hear from many New Hampshire elected officials and candidates.  After lunch there will be four training sessions. Counties will be grouped together so you can sit with all those county friends you’ve seen on zoom for three years, and get to know them. The workshop trainers will move from group to group and will address four main components of election strategy. 

Tickets are now on sale on a first come first serve basis, $20 on line for delegates. Click the link below to see if you are a delegate. 

It would be great to see all of you after three years of zoom in one room! Hope you can join the convention and participate in the afternoon sessions.

For full details and to register, click here: