Republicans doth protest too much

Thank you, Kathy Sullivan.

“Republicans doth protest too much – WHY ARE New Hampshire Republicans attacking Democrats who plan on writing in Joe Biden on the state’s Democratic presidential primary ballot?

Democrats could have meekly accepted the DNC’s new rules and ignored the primary. We could have said, it does not really matter anyway, since Biden will win re-nomination with or without New Hampshire. Democrats could have taken the not-unbiased advice of Republicans and stayed home. But we did not.

The effort is the best thing the state’s Democrats could have done to make our side of the primary relevant in a way that no one — the media, the Democratic National Committee, and, especially, the state’s GOP — expected. It has received significant attention from news outlets, not just locally, but across the country. It has received the support of both New Hampshire Democrats and from national Democratic figures from across the party’s ideological spectrum.

That national attention is not only good for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. It is good for the primary.

Republicans would probably respond to this by claiming they are not telling Democrats we should not vote.

“Oh, no,” they would claim, “we aren’t saying don’t vote, we are saying, vote if you want to, but don’t you dare vote for Biden!” Well, with all due respect, we are not going to give the party of Donald Trump veto power over which candidate we support.

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Manchester’s Kathy Sullivan is the former chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

For informational purposes only. This is not an endorsement.